Jan 07 2017

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The Obvious Problem With National Intelligence Agencies Vs. Presidents And President-Elects




If I were in Donald Trump’s position with the national Intelligence agencies I would be more than skeptical of what they were telling me, especially about how the election was hacked by the Russians. The Hillaryites in the DNC were the most stupid people conceivable, except for the Hillary campaign managers and strategists who completely fucked up. Even their “Soul Burning ” campaign manager Podesta didn’t have the common sense to secure his emails, and those of the DNC. These dumb ass Idiots of the highest order are the leaders of the Democratic National Committee, and the entire Democratic Party. Donna Brazille is still the DNC Chairman after it was proven she rigged the CNN debate against Bernie Sanders, and the fired Debbie Wasserman Shultz did all she could to rig the primaries for Hillary. Their computer network and incompetent DNC and campaign personnel continued knowingly of the lack of security, and kept writing scandal ridden emails so open and iignorant of all security measures, Wikileaks Founder Julliane Assange admitted a 14 year old child could have hacked the DNC and HIllary’s campaign and her personal emails as Secretary of State.

The DNC and Hillary Campaign were so evasive and knowingly incompetent they wouldn’t let the FBI inspect their computer system’s security.  Hillary was the leader of these incompetent moronic minions, who were so obsessed with feeding off the ” Hillary Tit “, they did anything and denied everything that proved their absolute stupidity and incompetence, and complete betrayal of the American People. This why they lost all credibility with all intelligent Americans. No one but an idiot, liar or thief would want the Democratic Party to hold any power in the government.

If I were Donald Trump I would fire every head of the intelligence communities and interrogate all agents and personnel for leaking classified information, or working for the defeat of Donald Trump by creating false intelligence against Russia , leaked to the national Anti Trump Media to cause national fear of war with Russia. This is proof to all Americans that the Democratic Party and Barack Obama will go to any extreme to discredit the integrity of the election of Donald Trump, and disguise their complete incompetence and corruption, which led to the landslide Democrat  losses through out the country.

Good Bye CIA Director Brennan! Good Bye FBI Director Comey ! Good Bye Democrats ! Good Bye to all Obama / Bush minions left, to corrupt the Trump Transition and betray the American people. Every NeoCon and every Council of Foreign Relations member should be banned from Washington D.C and condemned for  treason as insane NWO advisers who have led the U.S into every major war and military conflict  since World War One.  If the U.S is to survive these next four years , Donald Trump must remove all traitors in the government, and all who will not swear loyalty oaths to the people of America, their elected President, and to uphold and defend the Constitution of the U.S.  “Drain the Swamp”, beginning with the heads of all Intelligence Agencies.

L.A. Steel



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