Oct 09 2016

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Trump’s Troubles from the Hillary Media and Bill Clinton’s Sexcapades



The sickening grand hypocrisy spewing from the Hillary Media is beyond all desperation, I have ever witnessed in a presidential election. Their hatred for Trump exposes them for the bias buffoons they all are, along with all the Republicans idiots who are so offended by a statement Trump made in 2005 , that he did not know was being secretly taped. Every “Man” I have ever known and liked spoke openly to other “Men” about their sex lives, in one form or another.  Millions of MEN visit strip clubs, prostitutes and Playmates. The Playboy Mansion was a haven for any kind of sexual fantasy, promoted aggressively in Playboy Magazine and the Playboy Clubs, Playboy’s CEO and founderHugh Heffner has six beautiful playmates living with him openly in the mansion, and seen at night clubs together. Trump is a “Man” who has everything materially anyone could want, he had a stable of beautiful women at his beckon call.  Hillary and all of her Middle Age mothers and grandmothers, and mixed up men who are still chaste at 70 or are secretly or openly gay, or involved with some sordid sex group, wife swapping, domination, bondage, any kind of porn, have to be laughing at Trump’s Heterosexual dalliances along with his once regular golfing partner Billy Boy Clinton, who has a penchant for young interns and 15-17 year old sex slaves.

All Hillary and Republican Hypocrites put down your dildos and electric eggs and anal balls and get real. Trump’s words said in private, in 2005 are meaningless, in the real world,  except to the hypocritical Hillary Media and anyone who simply hates Trump. Everyone seems to conveniently forget Bill Clinton’s many affairs, and impeachment because of lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.  These statements made by Donald Trump were made privately and publicly on the Howard Stern Show. Howard Stern has one of the largest audiences on Satellite Radio and had a large audience on terrestrial radio. Every Man and Woman with a cell phone has a source of Porn in their pockets, and many women are into pornography.  Hillary has been linked to many known lesbian affairs, and is rumored to be currently involved with her closest aid Uma, the wife of “Carlos Danger” AKA , MR.  WEINER also known in NYC as the MAD CELL PHONE FLASHER.

It’s amazing that the Republicans are condemning Trump when their former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert is serving prison time for molesting underage boys .  Trump didn’t molest any boys, and all the women he spoke about or ogled were willing. No one mentioned it or brought him up on assault charges, nor did he drug them for  sex. The entire episode happened in a private conversation with” Boy Toy” Billy Bush who like a all Bushes should be in jail.  The Washington Times reported gay sex scandals of  both G.W and G.H.W Bush were into male prostitutes.  George Sr. had boy prostitutes servicing him in the White House. G.W Bush had a known male escort prostitute Jeff Gannon sign into the White House over 200 times during the last few years of G.W Bush’s term in office.    These flagrant crimes were all reported and researched and found to be true, a few words Trump spoke privately to Billy Boy Bush, now threatens his Presidential election two days before his second debate with Hillary.

Donald Trump has nothing to apologize about, except that he had the poor judgement to  speak to Billy Bush in 2005.  That in itself is a disgusting act, far more than what he actually said.  Anyone who likes Trump will vote for him, and many who do not like him will vote for him in protest against the hate spewing hypocrites of the Hillary Media and the wimpy , castrati,  Hillary lovers, who spend their hours watching porn while their Hillary loving wives are sleeping. Get real America, the rest of the world is laughing hysterically at us. I hope Trump comes out swinging tonight at the debate.  One big stand against all of this critics and especially Hillary , will win him the Presidency.

L.A. Steel

Independent, Write In, Presidential Candidate 2016







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