Sep 11 2016

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It appears that the Democrat National Committee and their Globalist Corporate donors  are so desperate to seize control of the United States, through a Hillary Presidency , they are physically propping up Hillary Clinton and literally dragging her from one event to another, insuring she lives, until she wins the fixed election. Then they will rule through her, and not announce her advanced Parkinson’s Disease, until they can no longer disguise it. This proves what a hollow vessel Hillary Clinton is , and how ambitious, and dismissive of the American people she is. Her deliberate concealment of her illness, proves she is unfit morally and physically, to fulfill the duties demanded of the office of President. Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party are deceiving and betraying every American, to gain the Presidency, and give control of our nation to the global elite.

L.A. Steel,

Independent, Write In, Presidential Candidate, 2016


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