Aug 12 2016

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Donald Trump doesn’t need the backing of the Republican insiders to win the election,neither do the American people, all Donald Trump needs is his name on the ballots in 50 states and that is what he has.  Threatening to Dump Donald Trump is asking for a revolution not only in the Republican party but in the entire country.  Trump if dumped by the party would have a law suit that could take down the entire party.  Hillary has already destroyed the Democrat Party. No one with integrity could vote in this election, especially for Hillary Clinton.  The Democrats have rigged their primaries and expect , with the help of the Republican Party, to rig the general election for Hillary Clinton.

I am pleased to see this chaos and criminality exposing the two party system. It has been a dream of mine for over 40 years, since the 1972 election of a known criminal candidate Richard Nixon. It has taken Nixon’s resignation and over 40 years for the country to come around to seeing and understanding the lies and deceptions that our two party political system has created. The obvious theft, treason and incompetence of both party’s elected officials in Congress, and the Presidency have created the great debt and economic turn down we face today, by allowing the wealthy to continue to steal from the American people, send us into wars for nothing other than to enrich themselves and the Military Industrial Complex.

There is an divine beauty to their demise. Karma, Justice, and Truth have all won, in their attack against the American political system. Finally we have two opposing political parties so glaringly unstable, and a national media so blatantly belligerent and dishonest, trying to deceive the American people into accepting the Globalist New World Order Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, and a billionaire who believes he can “Make America Great Again”.  Their visions are so blurred by gaffes, lies and belligerence, that they lost the respect of the American voters.  Donald Trump doesn’t have the courage to stand by his own statements and attacks against Obama and Hillary.  If Donald Trump has enough evidence to charge Hillary and Obama with creating ISIS, and worldwide chaos by inciting and arming  Radical Islamists to terrorize every country in the world, then he must persist in that claim and prove it. There is so much evidence to prove they did create, strengthen, and arm ISIS, that backing down and calling his attacks against Obama and Hillary “sarcasm” makes Trump look like a complete fool. It is difficult to believe that Donald Trump is anyone’s fool, however whatever his game plan is to win the election is not well thought out. It makes me wonder if he ever did have a plan, or was he running to let Hillary Clinton win, while he made another billion dollars ripping off his supporters. Maybe Bernie and Trump had the same game plan when they started their campaigns, to make as much money as possible, and let Hillary win.

My candidacy first began as a protest against the lunacy that has taken over the presidential election and spotlight the insanity and corruption of both major and minor presidential candidates. My criticisms have been correct. What inspires me to continue my campaign is to honor to the American People and claim the right of any American to run for elected office. I hope for the sake of all Americans that the American Dream can come true, and The United States as a nation, remains intact with a new government, and gone forever is the two party tyranny we have endured for the last 100 years.

L.A. Steel

Independent Write In Presidential Candidate 2016


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