May 29 2016

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Desperate Dianne Feinstein has suddenly taken center stage in the undemocratic Democrat Party, since Barbara Boxer was booed off stage at the Nevada Convention and told the press she was “afraid for her safety” from Bernie supporters.  Now Desperate Dianne sees through the haze of her puffy, stress haggard , red , swollen eyes, that Hillary’s campaign is dead in the water and sinking fast. Desperate Dianne threw Hillary a life rope. Desperate  Dianne, was the first sold out senator, to be a Hillary Super Delegate.

Desperate Dianne is no stranger to scandal during her reign in the Senate on the Senate Intelligence Committee. I am certain she and Hillary have done many “shady” deals together, assassinations, illegal wiretaps, illegal money transfers, black ops operations,and other girl stuff.  Desperate Diane knows where all the bodies are buried and that if Hillary isn’t nominated all of her secrets may be exposed from her dealings with Hillary. Hillary betrayed her delegates,her donors and every person in the U.S by her criminal negligence,  jeopardizing our national security. Her actions can only be considered treasonous and criminal, for sending, then deleting 30,000 unsecured emails from her private server as Sec.of State.

Desperate Diane will soon see her days in the Senate ended with a possible criminal indictment. This Hillary Super Delegate is as dirty as Hillary. Barbara Boxer and Debbie Wasserman Shultz have already felt the anger and wrath of Bernie Supporters and the Majority of Americans, for rigging the primaries for Hillary.   Their political careers are over unless Hillary wins the nomination.  Hillary’s scandal ridden political career is now being scrutinized by the State Dept, FBI , the Justice Department , and the American people . Even the “Hillary Media” is backing away from her and the Democrat Party, because they can not risk anymore loss of credibility with the American people, after being assaulted by Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, and their supporters, as well as the alternative media that has gone completely Anti Hillary.  Every mainstream blog and pundit , (unless they are paid by Hillary, trolls) is announcing the evidence of her corrupt career. The spillage of this overwhelming criticism of Hillary is spilling over on all of  her supporters.

This Memorial Day Weekend , I am absolutely certain that every picnic and family event politics and potential presidents are being discussed. After this weekend when Americans return home , the arguments and discussion they had this weekend with family and friends will carry over into the coming primaries and into the national conventions. Desperate Dianne, Desperate Hillary, Desperate Debbie, and the frightened, Desperate Barbara Boxer, will have to consider retirement after the 2016 election. The Bernie / Trump Congress and Senate will have no place for any Hillary loyalists, because they will all be under investigation.

L.A. Steel

Independent, Write In, Presidential Candidate, 2016






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