Apr 18 2016

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I was glad to see Anti Hillary activists throwing dollar bills at Hillary’s Limo this weekend.  It said it all. Here is a dollar for a Hillary Lap Dance,from the Political Prostitute Presidential Candidate. Hypocrite George Clooney is a Hillary bondage slave, who charged other Hillary hypocrites $33.400 to attend his party. He told reporters that he believes what he is doing is wrong and he should not do it. What a hypocritical globalist prick ! What possible reason would anyone have for giving Hillary $33,400 unless they expected a major return on their investment? For most Bernie supporters that is more money than their yearly income.

A Hillary lap dance or any sexual favors from her would be worth less than the dollar Bernie supporters threw at her Limo. However a “bondage” show with George Clooney as Hillary’s “Man Bitch” directed by George Clooney with a cameo appearance by Brad Pitt would be worth a few dollars to someone. The Democratic Party may have authorized a video of the event to give free to the Bondage freaks, who paid $33,400 to see it and get into the show as well. If thousands of people will pay $5000 for a Super Bowl Ticket , imagine what a multimillionaire into bondage would pay to be invited to this party.

This Hollywood Hypocrisy is too much to take. These DEMOCRAT ELITISTS invited to Clooney’s Party need a tax write off and they need to own a crooked presidential candidate like they owned Bill Clinton.. I will never watch any movie George Clooney is in, or believe anything he says or does. I can understand why hypocrites like Clooney support Hillary against Bernie. Bernie is real and Hillary is a fake. All Hillary supporters are fake people.George Clooney is the ultimate HILLARY HYPOCRITE. Donald Trump now calls Hillary “Crooked Hillary” . “Light Weight Rubio”, and Lying Ted, were better tags than”Crooked Hillary”. Here Donald , please use ” Hypocrite Hillary” as her name from now on. It will get you much more traction in the national media. Crooked Hillary refers to her wobbling walk, Hypocrite Hillary is far more accurate and also paints her supporters as hypocrites as well, which is what they are.  Trump doesn’t need Hillary voters. He wants Bernie to win the nomination. He thinks he can beat Bernie, and Hillary would be too easy.

The entire world will soon be laughing at Hillary’s supporters, when the FBI serves her and her husband a warrant for treason and corruption, and suspends all operations of the Clinton Foundation on grounds of fraud, and selling favors from the State Dept. while Hillary was in office. Life sentences for both Bill and Hillary and all of their closest friends and donors will be under FBI investigation, and the Obama Administration.   Hillary is going down in the biggest way ! She has been involved in 22 public scandals since she was fired as an attorney from the Watergate Committee for Corruption of Justice and unethical practices,  She was in training then as a Presidential Model. She later became First Lady of Arkansas and First Lady of the U.S. No one in the world today better exemplifies the Presidential Model of a New World Order Leader, than Hillary Clinton. She is the darling of Goldman Sachs and everyone on Wall Street, she sponsors terrorism around the world. She supports the genocide of third world and Middle Eastern races, and she has publicly pledged her devotion to Israel .  She supported Anti Civil Rights presidential candidate Berry Goldwater in 1964, as a “Goldwater Girl”.It is obvious to everyone that Hillary Clinton is a black hearted bitch. Anyone who would vote for her must be black hearted too.  WHY ELSE WOULD THEY VOTE FOR HER?

The majority of  Black Americans must not know who Hillary is.  Their blindness to her hypocrisy and lies is overwhelming.  The greatest question any sociologist and historian will have after the 2016 election is , Why do the majority of Black Americans support Hillary Clinton? I believe the answer is beyond reason. One other question that might be asked is, Why are so many Hillary supporters chubby, middle aged and older, Hillary look a likes ? Many of who the public sees at Hillary rallies have the same hairdo Hillary has, and the same figures. It’s seems that the DNC has created Hillary Clones to be placed in front of the cameras at her rallies. I wondered why everyone at her rallies look like her? Also I wondered why there are so many chubby, white middle aged men at her rallies? Maybe they got lost and thought it was a Trump rally , but Trump supporters are all in better shape.

I predict Bernie Sanders will win New York in tomorrow’s primary by a landslide.


L.A. Steel

Independent Write In Presidential Candidate 2016







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