Apr 04 2016

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“YIPPEE  KI YEAH, M F–kers!” That was the unforgettable line said by Bruce Willis when he blew up the mercenaries’ plane in one of his DIE HARD movies. Where is Bruce when you need him at a Ted Cruz rally.   It is beyond me how anyone in their right mind could support an known obstructionist, and obviously dishonest presidential candidate like Ted Cruz.

I think it is hysterical that Rubio delegates can’t dump Rubio, it looks like they are stuck with him to the convention. Who are these delegates,that bond with some corrupt  and crazy candidates and can’t leave them, even when they drop out of the race? Are they all reincarnated Clinton Delegates from the 1990s gone Republican Rogue, or are they all paid off by the candidates and owe them big favors? Hillary Zombies are just as pathetic, they came back to life by Hillary”s and Wasserman Shultz, Black Magic spell,that rigged the primaries and brought the dead back to life to vote for Hillary.

I read a ridiculous article supporting Cruz by one of his followers, who thinks he is the greatest guy since Superman. This Cruz Zombie is obviously as crazy as all the other Cruzers . The writer was another Cruzer, humping Cruz’s leg for a free ride of publicity for their right wing blog and new book. If this is the best Cruz has as supporters, I doubt he’ll win anymore primaries. He’s sunk and all the Cruz Crazies are sunk with him. They won’t vote for Trump because he’s crazier than they are. Simply because Cruz can say “No” louder than anyone else in the Senate, doesn’t qualify him for President. Cruz is a Party Clown in faded blue jeans and phony Texas accent, and owes his ass and his wife ,to Goldman Sachs and every oil billionaire in Texas. I had to laugh at the Cruz campaign in Texas where, 10 men in enormous white straw hats were standing behind and next to Cruz with Texas Gov.Perry in support of Cruz’s speech in a desert before the Texas primary.  Texas has produced some of the worst politicians in history.

So YIPPE KI YEAH ! Maybe Trump supporters will maul the Cruzers at the convention. No one in the general election will vote for a Republican Candidate, especially Cruz, but all eyes will be focused on the Convention to watch Cruz get crushed, and Rubio and Kasich beaten up and thrown out the door by Cruz and Trump supporters. Their lives saved only by Paul Ryan’s quick jump into Karate action, as he flies across the convention hall and pummels the Cruz and Trump supporters with Flying Dragon Karate moves, and elects himself as the Republican Nominee.

Cruz Crazies, Rubio’s Regressives , Trump’s Troopers, and we must not forget Hillary’s Hypocrites. These are the candidates and their supporters people should be afraid of.  Bernie Sanders has torn up the Establishment Script, and is winning the minds and hearts of Americans, who understand the corruption of the Two Party System, and are willing to demolish both political parties to have an honest election, and a competent Presidential Candidate.


L.A. Steel

Independent, Write In Presidential Candidate 2016





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