Feb 29 2012

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The Problem with Obama’s State of the Union Speech


Thirty seven million Americans watched Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address Tuesday night.That number of viewers is approximately 11% of all Americans. The Super Bowl promoters expect over 100 million viewers nationally and possibly 500 million internationally. That places the American interest in Obama’s State of the Union Address, somewhere between that of an episode of Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. Is it really any wonder that America is in the trouble it is in?

I was not impressed with Obama’s speech Tuesday night, except for a few of his statements about banking reform and when the camera panned on Tim Geitner’s shock expression, and of course the close up of Warren Buffet’s secretary. I noticed Eric Cantor still wore his toothy grin while listening to Obama’s attacks on the Republicans inability to work with Democrats and the president. I also noticed Boehner’s uncomfortable glare at the back of Obama’s head, and who could not have noticed Biden’s silly grin of approval to everything Obama said.

There was little in this speech that had any real truth in it. I have heard Obama’s speeches before and they are all hyped up cheerleader speeches of optimism and nationalistic jingoes. I felt that I couldn’t put stock in anything he said, because nothing he said in all of his other speeches ever came to fruition. None of his great ideas were ever that great. He speaks more clearly and with more polish than G.W Bush did, but Obama’s rhetoric and foreign policies are the same as old G.W’s. G.W had a knack of twisting my stomach every time he spoke with his gnawing, grammar grinding sentences. He often made me angry and sick while listening to him speak.Obama just makes me angry. I know he will not follow thru on anything except his military buildup, his aggression against Iran and his support for Israeli genocide of the Palestinians. He will continue the lopsided trade agreements with China and South American countries and build up the failing war on drugs, and destroy our economy and safety with a greater influx and amnesty of millions of illegal aliens. He will continue grinning arrogantly at the cameras and make light of the criticism launched against him and his administration. His policy on Bail Outs is suddenly one of “No more bail outs for anyone.” This is worrisome since half of all Americans need financial and medical help from their government; because the failed policies of the Republican and Democratic Congress and the horrid leadership of G.W and Obama have brought this country into a greater depression than that of the 1930s.

I felt a severe sense of nihilism as I listened to Barack Obama give his speech. I began to wonder if anything could be saved or if I was witnessing the end of the United States being groaned out by a boring orator, and applauded by a dead and dying audience, more grateful for the speech to be finished than anything that was said in it. I thought of the millions of homeless Americans who were living in tents or cars or in public parks or abandoned houses. I thought about the 3 million Americans who were foreclosed on last year and the millions more who will lose their homes and jobs this year. I thought about how sick and sad the whole world really is and how glib and incompetent our President is and how ineffective and divisive our Congress is. I thought about the loss of our American Freedoms that have been ravaged by the cynical, power hungry hundreds of contemptible representatives gathered before the nation under one roof, and watched by millions of Americans who despise them. I was reminded that Congress has a 10% approval rating, and the President’s ratings descend daily as his toothy smile becomes more yellowed by lies. I saw Hillary Clinton awash under the bright lights, with the camera focused on each wrinkle and her tired blank stare as she calmly applauded something Obama said. I wondered if the million lies she told finally killed her soul. I wondered if she might represent the living corpse of America,as did the rest of Obama’s Cabinet,who were sitting upright in seats of appointed power, nodding their heads to appear awake and useful, like robots on an assembly line working towards their own obsolescence.

L.A. Steel

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