Mar 09 2019

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This radio program first aired on 2/11/16 and is being reposted. The attack by Trump and the Republicans and the mainstream media against Socialism is a total misdirection and misinterpretation of DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM which is the European model for government in most European countries.  The entrance of Democratic Socialism in the U.S political system is apparent in the victory of Alexandria Occasio Cortez to the House of Representatives in 2018 and Bernie Sanders’ declaration in his 2016 presidential campaign.


2/11/16  L.A.Steel Radio Show:

Tonight we discuss Democratic Socialism and what it means as a political philosophy, and we discuss the Democratic Socialists of America activist movement, as a well-organized activist network promoting a socialist revolution in America. Bernie Sanders is a self-declared Democratic Socialist. This movement has undermined the established Democratic Party in New Hampshire and almost in Iowa. Many unions support the Democratic Socialists of America, with numerous chapters around the nation, organized and ready to support Bernie Sanders campaign any way they can.

Hillary is doomed because she completely underestimated the power of the Socialist movement in America, and their entrenchment in high schools and colleges and mainstream America. The formidable influence of the Democratic Socialists is completely miss understood and ignored by the mainstream media. and the Establishment of both political parties. This is a perfect example of how out of touch with the American people the Hillary campaign really is, especially among young American voters. 90% of young voters do not trust Hillary Clinton, and doubt her credibility as an honest leader. Democratic Socialism is a gun pointing to the head of the Establishment Democrats and Republicans, threatening a complete social, and economic revolution, and the defeat of the fascist corporate tyranny of the American two-party politic, corporate-owned Presidents and Supreme Court Judges. For more information on Democratic Socialists of America go to  www.dsausa.org

L.A. Steel

Independent, Presidential, Write-In Candidate 2016

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