Oct 29 2015

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In the sequenced hours of liquid thought all rise against the powers of political intent.All rise to peer through the lattice work of lies, in the sunlight and darkness of mixed dreams.

In the dens of delusion the gilded garter adorns the supple thigh, as a drunken kiss from lipsticked lips. Faces appear as toothless hydras swaying in the smoke drenched air. Bulging pockets of politicians with grab bags of dollars and lap dance promises. “Here sweetheart, have another promise.” says the famous fat senator sitting near the stage. He talks as big as his belly, drinks his martini, and winks a homosexual flirt to a pervert. “Kinda like politics,” he says” where everyone screws everyone, you know what I mean?”

A naked girl smirks as she swings on a trapeze with her legs crossed, a nose ring, pierced lips, pierced ears and piercings on other things. The fat politician tips her a 20 dollar bill to sing while she swings.

ADOPT A PET, PETA, PEACE, FIGHT AIDS bumper stickers on her blue Ford Escort. Silver shoes and silver spandex screech at the fat man as he follows her in his limousine.

Frost formed on the beard of a grocery cart tycoon, who fishes in his pockets for a political donation to “Lusty Lilly’s Cashing Out Campaign.”

She welcomes tycoons like him so she can serve them the remains of the day’s half drunken drinks; which she sees as her Republican commitment to faith based charity and capitalism.

Suicidal thoughts in a survival mode sweating to the oldies in her bathrobe, she eats another power bar and washes it down with skim milk.

An old man waiting to live out his last dream, forgot what it was, forgot what he was supposed to be.


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