Jul 23 2014

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Mighty Zionist Mike Takes A Flight To Israel.

Zionist Mike

What a guy! The great Zionist American Hero Michael Bloomberg is taking a flight to Israel today to prove to the world that flying to war torn Israel is safe enough for him to fly there. Even though the FAA banned all commercial flights from the U.S to Israel and many airline companies have ceased flights to Israel indefinitely. Wow! Mighty Zionist Mike is sooooooo brave and courageous he could win the war with Hamas all by himself, and several billion of his own dollars.

Mike The Mighty Zionist is ready for battle with his $5000 dollar suit, $500 dollar designer tie, $10,000 designer luggage, and $30,000,000 dollar private jet piloted by former war vets pilot and co pilot ready to low fly Gaza breaking the sound barrier. Mighty Mighty Mike the Zionist Hero is flying to Israel to save the day.


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