Aug 16 2012

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Biden Unchained

You have to admire Joe Biden for being one of the few politicians that says what he means. He’s had to apologize a few times for his bluntness however, this time with his “Unchained” comment he struck a dagger into the hearts of the Republicans. Americans and people around the world have been chained to a fraudulent banking system and a greed driven congress that has been dominated for the last two years by conservative Republicans, who want nothing more than to stall any progressive actions that might get the U.S out of the hole we are in. I’m not a great fan of Obama or his advisory staff, who have not prosecuted the banksters and have allowed gun running into Mexico, legalized illegal immigration and continued the expansion of wars around the planet all without Congressional or Constituional approval. However I am less of a fan of the Republican Party and its current presidential candidate and VP candidate and fear the potential harm that four years of Bush/Reagan/Romney/Ryan policies will doom this country and all middleclass Americans.

Joe Biden did not go far enough in his speech. He should have said that we must not only chain the banking system but put the fraudulent banksters and billionaires behind bars for maximum sentences. But as all political rhetoric during a campaign season is political rhetoric and has no real bearing on actual policies once politicians are elected to office I think Joe Biden should continue his blunt and very funny rhetoric and blast his Republican opponents as hard and as humorously as possible. Conservatives and Republicans have no sense of humor and are bullies who can’t stand criticism, especially when the criticism is true. They name call and threaten their opponents and rig elections, blatantly cuss out hecklers and protesters, then run off the stage in fear. Then they get their pitbull pundits on Fox News to cry about the unfair attacks against them. The entire political system in the U.S is a hysterical farce so why not have more rhetorical comedic moments with Joe Biden, and Obama shouldn’t hold back either. If they could make fun of Romney and Ryan and the entire Republican Party during the next few months, this election season could really be fun to watch as the Republicans all cry on stage and in Fox interviews and bring out their kids to cry with them.

So my advice to Obama and Biden is to unchain themselves from their politically correct restraints and hit their opponents as hard as they can. Have their speech writers punch up their speeches with humor and make as much fun of their ridiculous Republican opponents as possible. If they do this I guarantee they will win this election and brighten up a bleak and boring election season. I think the Democrats should begin a Republican joke campaign on the blogosphere and select the best to put in their debates or campaign speeches. Be bold, be Bidenesque, be funny, and put the Republicans and their ridiculous policies,pundits and politicians in the glaring and comedic light they deserve to be in and fear most .

L.A. Steel

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