Aug 13 2012

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Paul Ryan is the GOP choice for Vice President. I doubt if Romney really had a choice in this pick. The media talking heads have stated, that “Romney really likes him.” But the truth is the Koch brothers really like him, and so do the Madmen and Women in the Tea Party. To the average American now coming down from their Olympic high,and waterlogged patriotism we are forced to concentrate on Romney’s stellar choice for VP. Is it any wonder why he chose the day of the closing of the Olympics to announce his choice? It’s a Republican kick in the groin to the Moderate and Liberal American public.

I laughed at Obama’s “Romneyhood” quote last week. The idea of giving to the rich and taking from the poor goes back to the days of feudalism and the theft of Republicanism by the GOP. That is exactly what has been predicted for the New World Order Agenda. Corporations rule the fiefdoms, Masonic knights and Iluminati Dragons rule the remaining ruins of the world after the world war and genocide of billions of people around the planet. What remains will be ruled by the elite one percent remaining, and possibly another one percent of the rest of us to do the grunt work of maintaining some form of civilization.

Paul Ryan has made himself into a symbol of the cut throat mentality of the GOP and their Vulture Capitalist Presidential Wannabe Romney. It is time for all laid back liberals and mealy mouthed moderates to get mad enough to take a serious bite out of Washington Republicans and send them all back to the cages they escaped from. These vultures and hyenas have and will continue to bite the throats and suck the life out of the poor and middleclass Americans by taxing them to death and taking away all social services and safety nets for those already jobless, homeless and in complete dispair. May God damn all Ryan Romney loving hypocrites and may he put them in their pens with the other pigs of society. Let them swell the jails and federal prisons with their own fattened bodies and those of their corrupt families. It’s time that they be forced to eat the patriotic slop they have puked out at their own stump speeches. Unless real Americans (not tea partiers) stand up and smack down Ryan and Romney in their stump speeches and Facebook and Twitter them into the dirt that is the Republican Platform, we are destined to sleepwalk into the insane nightmare vision that is Ryan,Romney and The Republican Party.

L.A. Steel

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