May 17 2012

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It’s Memorial Day Weekend and the wonders of American consumerism never cease. Gasoline is at an all time high and Americans are traveling in far greater numbers this weekend than ever before. The congress and president just passed another 100 billion dollar supplemental spending bill for Iraq, and news from Iraq has never been worse.

All the networks are pushing the American delicacies of the American meat producers. Hamburgers,hotdogs, chicken and steaks are the traditional American fare this weekend. Grilled high fat and protein meals are being devoured by Americans in record numbers this weekend, swallowed down with their favorite beer and soft drink. I wonder what Iraqis are eating this weekend? Thanks to the American invasion of their country, most Iraqis have no clean water supplies or safe food supplies, and hundreds of Iraqis are being slaughtered every day. Maybe Coca Cola and Budweiser are supplying the 28 million Iraqis with liquid refreshment this weekend. All paid for by the American taxpayer and donated to the Iraqis people by the philanthropy of the Bush Administration and his Faith Based Intitiatives. Maybe Dick Cheney’s Haliburton has found new flavor fillers for their Memorial Day fare? Something new on the menu,Iraqis Burgers. Why not? Their profit laden corporate policies must have entailed the idea, that something has to be done with all the mounting unidentified bodies overflowing the morgues. Does anyone remember the movie Soylent Green? Would anyone put it pass this notorious company to slip a few thousand or hundred thousand corpses into their meat supply? Who would know the difference? Who would find out? Recent reports have proven that sanitation conditions in Haliburton kitchens serving our troops are deplorable. Thousands of unserved and contaminated meals are being charged to the American taxpayer. Recent figures of Iraqis deaths have surpassed 700,000 and some reports have stated over 1 million; that does not consider the Iraqis who died normal deaths of age and disease and unimaginable stress.

Recent reliable reports from Afghanistan, state that over 300,000 Afghanistan people have died in the recent conflicts. Afghanis burgers I hear are very special, but slightly more expensive than Iraqis burgers, because of the expensive filler of pure grade opium. MMMMM what a treat for the American meat consumer. 85 percent of all opium produced in the world comes from Afghanistan now, since the American invasion in 2002. Two thirds of all illegal drugs produced in the world are consumed by Americans. Another Afghanistan delicacy gaining popularity in the west is the Bin Laden burger. It is middle eastern, organically raised goat meat, irradiated by depleted uranium,tenderized with violent beatings and seasoned with a spicy “Terror” sauce, perfect for grilling.

Anyone heard of Mad Cow recently? The only mention of it in the last year has been by Denny Crane played by William Shatner (Captian Kirk) on Boston Legal. Great show. I’ve learned that one of the most effective sterilizing chemicals used in meat production is gasoline. Stripped carcuses are dipped in gasoline,then washed down and cut up into consumer friendly pieces and attractively packaged. Beef and beef by products are the most sterile foods on the market. Since the recent price of gasoline has significantly increased, other less effective sterilizing chemicals are being used.

I’ll bet that few people know why beef looks so red and healthy; even up to the last” safe sale day” stamped on every package. Carbon Monoxide. That’s right. Carbon monoxide is sprayed on all packaged meat before shipping. It keeps the meat looking fresh and red even if the meat is spoiled. MMMMM. Could this have anything to do with Americans’ addiction to gasoline, and their increasing tollerance to the growth of carbon monoxide emissions in the air ?

This essay may not be liked by many. It may not even be read this weekend. I hope it is. Maybe a few less hamburgers will be devoured with John Kerry and Teresa “Heinz” Kerry’s ketchup,relish,and mustard and other assorted Heinz-Kerry condiments this weekend. Since the 2004 elections I have personally boycotted all Heinz products. If Kerry and Heinz can sell out a nation, why would anyone trust their food? Maybe fewer hamburgers and god awful hotdogs will destroy the digestive system of Americans this weekend. Maybe, but I doubt it.

I am sorry that so many people are dying this weekend in Iraq and Afghanistan, and anywhere else Americans are fighting. I will feel sad, when I watch the All American Memorial Day Parade, banging drums keeping time for the march of the old war vets. I will not feel pride. I will not feel good; (but it won’t be because of spoiled meat or hotdog ingredients) when I watch the misplaced pride of the full chested flag bearers, marching at the lead of the parade. I will enjoy the high school bands playing sour notes, and majorettes twirling their batons. I will enjoy watching the many children smiling and waving flags and balloons as the bands march by. I will not enjoy seeing the smiles of patriotic delusionment on the faces of their parents. It is not a joyful time. It is not a time to celebrate the death and destruction of millions of people, that Americans have labeled their”Enemies.” There is no honor in the corrupt and incompetent leadership of American government and military. There is no honor in the needless death of millions of soldiers and their innocent victims. It is the billions of world wide victims of war who should be honored on Memorial Day, not those who killed them.

Memorial Day was designed to honor the fallen soldiers of all wars. I see no honor in war. I see no honor in death. I see no honor derived from the senseless killing and conquering of countries and civilizations. I see no honor in Memorial Day. I only see death, destruction, dispair, and another massive propaganda campaign, to convince Americans to continue funding their government’s wars around the world. Memorial Day is a grand American charade played out infront of all the world . Memorial Day honors our dead soldiers as heroes; instead of seeing them as blood sacrifices for corporate profiteers, and their demonic vision of empire and global domination. As millions cheer on and follow the marchers of a parade today, they will follow that parade to a silent cemetary in every town and city in the United States. The parades are all parades of fools; in a celebration to glorify the horrible, violent deaths of young men and women and the billions of victims killed, by American bombs and bullets. This is what Americans are really celebrating and do not know it. Their corporate controlled, fascist leaders know full well what they are celebrating, and laugh in mockery at the parading fools, feasting at their Memorial Day, backyard ,banquets of blood, death and destruction. I think I’ll fast on Memorial Day this year. Have a Happy Memorial Day.


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