Feb 17 2017

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presidential wreaking ball 2017

After Donald Trump’s press conference yesterday I believe Americans have finally elected a Wrecking Ball President.  His attack on the Washington Press Corp. has taken presidential press conferences to a new height of Presidential Entertainment. Donald Trump appeared to be having a great time at the press conference, able to say what he felt about the news coverage and the petty little hypocrites of fake news, that accosted him during the conference and throughout his presidential campaign. His handling of them I felt was masterful. I especially liked his statement that Chuck Schumer is a “light weight”and the blunt put down of the BBC as “another one” who markets fake news, though some believe he spent too much time defending irrelevant questions that dealt with racial issues and his dismissal of National Security Adviser Mike Flynn. Trump put the blame on “leaks” to the press from inside the intelligence community, and that they leaked confidential and sensitive discussions with heads of state, and tried to sabotage him and Mike Flynn. He fired Mike Flynn for lying to Mike Pence about his Russian contacts, which created doubts of his trustworthiness and reliability.

I credit Donald Trump as I believe most of his supporters do for attacking the main sources in the media of fake news and publishing illegal leaks made to the media by traitors in the government. He has every intention to rid the government and his administration of all disloyal and treasonous government insiders trying to overturn and betray Trump’s presidency.  This was the first Presidential Press Conference in history, that I can remember enjoying and even laughing at. Donald Trump is an entertainer, no one can doubt that, but his direct aim at the reporters and television networks that continue to condemn him and his staff such as CNN and MSNBC he rightfully, publicly criticized  them as “mean and nasty people, whose comments about him and his staff were full of hatred.”  I have no respect for CNN or any main steam media news outlet. They have proven their incompetence and overwhelming Democrat,Globalist, Progressive, bias and will not report on anything Pro Trump. Donald Trump has every right to condemn them publicly in front of their own cameras for all their viewers to see, when he dismisses or insults some of the most aggressive and dishonest of Washington Press Corp reporters.

As many of his enemies in and outside of the government work harder at discrediting Donald Trump and his staff, more Americans will resent and mistrust what they hear from main stream sources and turn to Trump’s Twitter Feed, Face Book Page and You Tube Channel for his announcements to his supporters, and streaming of  his live events. The reality of the Trump administration is becoming very real and apparent to the Main Steam Media, that their days are as numbered as were Dinosaurs, because no one believes them anymore and no one needs them or wants them. Either they get real in their news coverage or more millions of Americans will terminate their Cable TV Contracts and eliminate all fake network news and main stream media reports. It is a new age of communications and a new age of news .  It is far more difficult to lie to the public without them finding out.  That only 25% of Americans receive their news from the Main Stream Media,in between assaults of pharmaceutical and laxative commercials, says volumes about how irrelevant the network news media has become.  Donald Trump’s wrecking ball demolished many over inflated egos in yesterday’s news conference, and will continue to do so, until the fake news Washington Press Corp. starts to report fair and truthful coverage, or Trump will dismiss most aggressive and belligerent reporters from all White House Press Conferences. I would have no problem with that.

Donald Trump is a revolutionary President, we must all get use to it. As in any major Revolution there is always an embedded and stiff opposition. The American people have been through 45  Revolutions. A new revolution begins whenever a new President is elected. I believe this American Revolution will be as big as the first in separating patriotic Americans from Globalist New World Order tyranny.  Be proud America and be proud of your major decision for massive and revolutionary change. It’s happening now and will continue as the Presidential Wrecking Ball of Donald Trump, continues to swing and demolish the establishment of Clinton style corruption and globalism, and give the country back to Americans, and create prosperity and promise of a future back to all who have lost hope, during the last many decades of incompetent and corrupt government, and finally end the corporate and government controlled and censored media. This is a revolutionary vision.

L.A. Steel




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