Feb 13 2017

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No one in the Senate exudes more of the traits of insanity than Al Franken of the state of Minnesota.  Franken is a Liar, con man, and terrible comedian. He has taken Senatorial Lunacy to a height never before seen in American History even beyond that of John McCain.  He has been proven to be a serial liar by several other senators recently in his foolish assault on Jeff Sessions. His seething hatred against anything to do with Trump or Republicans, has created a babbling idiot.  His statements are as stupid and venomous as he is. He was one of the main reasons the Liberal Radio Network “Air America” failed after only a few years on the air. No one could stand listening to Franken’s whiny voice, sick humor, and bad interviews.  He grabbed on to the Clinton coat tails during the Bush Jr. years and through the help of Democratic Gerrymandering of Minnesota Al Franken won his Senate seat.  He has done nothing since of any note or value, except to use his position and whinny voice in insulting anything Trump. Now he’s stating that he believes Donald Trump is mentally unstable. Al Franken is a soon to be committed, babbling idiot, calling the President of the United States insane.

The media obviously is making a big noise about Frankin’s remarks against Trump.since Trump has no respect for the media.  Franken should be put in a straight jacket. So long Al, your political career is as washed up as your career as a comedian. No one in the country finds you funny or even worth listening to. Give the country a break and resign, or shut the hell up.




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